Ongoing Projects

  • Building of AI model to convert 2D to 3D models – Advertflair, USA


    It is mostly for the online store. For instance, just 3 to 4 photographs are submitted for each product on Amazon.com when someone wishes to buy it. The purchasers will not have a strong understanding of the goods from the photographs. Buyers will receive more details about the product, such as length, width, how the frontend and backend appear, etc., if we convert 2D photographs to 3D images. In simple terms, the buyers can view the image in 360 degree.

  • Embedded Marketing – APT AI Labs, USA


    This project helps in capturing the metrics of embedded advertising (Brand Placement) and adds more value to embedded advertising. The benefits and features will become readily available for marketers, Advertisers, and media production houses. Users' desire to buy the displayed product while watching a video content will allow them to land on the product merchendise page by using AI engine.

  • Sports Analytics – Research carried out by COE


    Analyzing sports especially in cricket in terms of posture recognition, fitness assessment, predictions on team or player performance using AI Methods.

  • Extracting Insights using Natural Query Processing form Bigdata - Course5i Pvt ltd.


    Using natural language processing we can get insights from the bigdata (NLP with SQL Approach)

  • AI Expert System for Diabetes – Grokisan Agro Private Limited, India


    This model allows us to determine if a person has diabetes or not, and it also forecasts whether they may get the disease in the future. This model gives suggestions and recommendations on how to avoid acquiring diabetes.

  • Building of Nayas and Shastars Recommendation System – Advaitic AI Research Foundation


    Using NLP and transfer learning we are building a recommendation system for this research foundation. Any person who likes to ask a question related to Nayas and shastras. This model can answer for it.

  • From the HR & AI perspective – Varsity Instruments Pvt Ltd.


    We can develop a workable HR model based on AI that can help in attracting and selecting the right candidate, improve candidate experience during recruitment, smoothen the Onboarding Process, check attrition and rehiring old employees.

  • Catective and Pet Monitoring System – PetThinq.AI, USA


    We are building a facial recognition model for cats and also we are developing a edge monitoring device using computer vision and AI for pets.

  • TripAdvisor


    Reviews : Sentiment Analysis and Co-Creation

    Completed Projects

  • Consumer Purchase Behavior towards Indian Organic Food Product – An NLP based Sentiment Analysis Approach  -Research work with University of Witwatersrand


    NLP was used to analyse reviews of 24 Mantra organic food products that were scraped from the Amazon website to determine whether the product helped individuals in terms of cost and health.

  • Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy – Research work for publication


    With Carnegie Mellon University, we have an MOU in place to access the Covid- 19 dataset from the Delphi Group. With the use of that information, we performed an analysis for the United States and determined the reasons why some individuals are choosing not to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

  • AdTech – AI Powered Intelligent Video Recommendation – AdvertFlair


    Identifying the best advertisement prepared for a product by the company to promote it in social media. Because nowadays companies are spending more money in taking advertisements and promoting it in social media. With our app, companies can identify which advertisement will the people likes to watch.

  • Resume Finder


    ith Natural Language Processing we can shortlist the resumes using keywords. So that we can simplify HR work.

  • Case studies - Course5i Private Limited


    • • Sentiment Analysis on User Accounts
    • • Topic Modeling on Customer Data
    • • NLP for Data Matching

Woxsen Products

  • Surveillance Robot
  • Disha Robot
  • Early Disease Diagnosis
  • AR Based Library Navigation System
  • Sports Analytics for Cricket Ground
  • Bionic Hand
  • Facial Recognition System for Library
  • VR Campus Tour

Student Projects

Student Projects Team Member
Lung Cancer Prediction Bhawana kumari
 Pothole detection Harsh goyal
 Video summarisation Ravali
 Facial emotion detection Vishwa
Medical insurance cost prediction Purushotham
Kresee Emmanuel
 Project Medi Ishank jha
 woxsen campus tour Abhiram
cryptocurrency Price History and prediction Sourav
Eudai-Ai in metaverse Maathrika
2D to 3D artiverse Ojaswi & karthik
 Chatbot karthik
 Cricket Museum Vineeth
Cricket analytics Alsafa
 Three bots sai vinil
  Facial recognition Ojaswi

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